Friday, December 18, 2015

"annam" - food place discovery app

Okay, let me share a small story of our "annam" journey with you.

Every startup has a story of how they got started. Our founders Lalit Tanwar and Nilesh Bhosale are from IIT, Mumbai. Similar thoughts, similar mindsets! They have vision to build a product and pitch their idea. They share desire to come up with a solution through innovation.

The idea behind “annam”, a food discovery place platform, came up when they were facing difficulties in exploring food options. There were times when they ordered food and they come to know the food services were closed. Daily menu updates was missing in their pre-ordering process. They were seeking the direction to reach the food place located on some small corner of the street. Ah, they found it interesting and started their journey.

They added a five-person team with diverse experience in development, marketing, sales operations and project management to get the idea going.

annam intends to target all types of food merchants starting from home food providers, street food providers to restaurants and catering services. All at one place!

annam mantra for consumers is, avail the information they want from food merchants, keep them happy by discovering the food place with all the information at a glance.

The message to consumers is “Reach out to a food place you like the most, is nearby and is in your budget!”

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